Worlds Best Second!

This is the second post in my series on “Running Stories”, you can read the first one here.

I’d like to introduce you to my dad aka Bruce aka Popsicle.  I’ve mentioned seconds many times before on my blog, I even wrote a Guide to being an Awesome Second – which is why I thought it would be a fabulous idea to ask my dad a few questions, especially since I think he is the Worlds Best Second (of course the word nepotism springs to mind but this is MY blog, so basically I can do what I want)!

Do you enjoy being a second?
Yes, I do

What is your favourite thing about being a second?
Seeing my runners coming through at my check points, laughing and enjoying themselves

Do you sometimes just want to leave it up to someone else?
No (Didn’t even hesitate here…)

What is the most difficult thing about being a second?
Getting to the next check point, fighting traffic and finding parking, all before the runner comes past.

Does it ever inspire you to run?
Sometimes I think it might be easier than seconding by putting a number on my chest and running, but NO I have no inspiration to run

Seeing us in distress is difficult for you, why do you keep coming back?
It is difficult but it is my runners’ passion and I will support them

Being the Worlds Best Second is a tough job, what would you say to other prospective seconds out there, aspiring to be as fabulous as you?
As a second you will be shouted at and ignored, but they need you and it is rewarding seeing their faces full of appreciation when they cross the finishing line – and I am always so proud of them.

* Just to make a few things clear, by ‘my runners‘ my dad is referring to my mom, me and any other runner who has trusted him to be waiting at the designated points with their food/energy stuff/vasteline etc for a long race.

**  My dad is also the official club photographer and has an uncanny ability to take the most awkward pictures of you (my mom is still seething from the one taken after she had just thrown up and was feeling rather retched)


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