Wish Me Luck…

So I’m off up to Langebaan this afternoon for the West Coat Marathon tomorrow morning. 


Battling with a cold this week, the only running I did since Sunday was yesterday for 20 minutes on the treadmill at the gym, making me a little anxious…

I have my new running watch ready (which I’m still learning how to drive), my ipod is charged and full of music, the carbo-load is going down like nails but going down and I have a mental note of everything that needs to be packed – including the lucky knickers.


Will give everyone an update next week!!


4 hours 20 minutes here I come…

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  1. Bruce Tobias says:

    Very disappointing to have to pull out of any race, but a good learning curve. I started our Club 60km run with the flu and had to pull out at 46, simply because I did not have the energy to continue. Luckily Liz was seconding at the 46km mark so I had a lift back organised. All the best with the rest of your training – it can only get better now!

  2. Joe says:

    So…how’d you do?

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