Two Oceans Countdown

In 10 hours I’ll be running the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon with very little training and really just grateful that I’m back in South Africa to do it.  I have just been on holiday in Thailand so training was negligible with temperatures over 40 degrees C and 100% humidity.  I did try and run which counts for something right??

On the way home we managed to get stranded in Hong Kong when Cathay Pacific kept bumping my friend and I off the flight home, resulting in us buying another way home which included a 23 hour plane journey…

So, at 5am tomorrow morning my dad will drop my mom and I at the start line.  I’m planning to finish in around 6 hours although just to finish would be great 🙂

Good luck to everyone doing the race, Ann please make sure you step OVER those reflectors in the road and Julie, I’ll look for you at the start.

Two Oceans

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