Why Running on the Treadmill is still Considered Training…

I do some of my training on a treadmill at the gym.  This fact has been met with some resistance and so I decided to share my views on why, in my running program, treadmill training is still considered valuable:

  1. For those of you not familiar with Cape Town, we can experience some pretty hectic weather here at times.  Winters can be wet and stormy and with this picture taken on my favourite running route, I don’t think I need to explain why a treadmill, safely tucked away in a gym, is the better option…
  2. While Cape winters are wet and cool, summers are hellishly windy.  I have been blown to a standstill on more than one occasion – all I can say is thank Heavens I’m small, my friend Simon a fellow runner – towers over 7ft and finds windy days particularly challenging.  On a treadmill, the ‘wind’ is easily turned off with the push of a button 😉
  3. When running on a treadmill – if you get tired you stop, fetch your stuff in the change rooms, go to your car and go home.  If you are on the road, no matter how tired you are – you still have to make it back to your car, bearing in mind that on average; if you have been running for 30 minutes you are approximately 5km away from where you started, making the trip back somewhat tedious.
  4. When training on a treadmill, if you happen to need the toilet, you stop and proceed to the nearest facility.  On the road however the nearest “facility” would be a strategically placed bush or car – without any toilet paper.  This skill also takes some practice and may never happen if you suffer from stage fright…
  5. I have never heard of anyone getting a sunburn, blisters or chafe on their treadmill.

Let me know if YOU train on a treadmill and why…



  1. Little says:

    That’s great inspiration! I am not curntrely a runner, but once upon a time in my 20s I took up running. I too started out mixing up the running and walking, and eventually just found myself bored during my walking segment. I eventually worked up to 5 mile runs. (I am now back down to 0.)If you’re not concerned with speed, just keep trucking. I have a friend who is a true runner whose best advice to me was to always think you can run one more step. Don’t try to make it to the end of the block or the next tree. Just try to take one more step at a time.And welcome to the blog!

  2. Joe says:

    I’m not a fan of treadmills because I find them to sometimes feel very tedious. However, I understand completely why you need it. I’ve got friends up north who are relegated to the treadmill for three months a year when the weather turns bitter.

    So I say plug in your MP3 player, ratchet up the speed and enjoy your treadmill!


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