Trail Running Series

I’ve been talking about thinking about starting to trail run for ages and on Sunday I decided to stop talking about thinking and actually just DO

Montrail and CapeStorm have a trail running series which is coming to the Western Cape in July.  It consists of 4 runs of which you can choose to do the long (12 – 13km) or short (5-6km) routes, in different locations ranging from Durbanville Hills to Groot Constantia.

I had heard about this trail series from friends of mine and before the Comrades it was a lovely plump carrot on a stick to look forward to – with the promise of a change of scenery, some new faces and hopefully a rekindling of my motivation to run (although my lack of motivation could be due to the horrid weather we are having at the moment).

Have a look at the race details and if you are in the Cape area sign up, would be great to meet you!



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  2. Trish says:

    Had the opportunity while on holiday to take part in one of the Montrail Cape Storm Gauteng Winter series trail runs with my son Stefan – he is a game guide. Had a guided trail run with a sighting of giraffe; zebra and eland tracks pointed out to us (we had a ‘bus’ as other runners heard what he was saying) as well as bird life and the different trees and plants, not to mention the chat about the rocks we were running over. Made an awesome trail run something special. Definitely a must, so enjoy!

  3. Candice says:

    I agree Harvey, no cars and people shouting for you along the way – some things just can’t be replaced 🙂

  4. harvey says:

    Trail running sounds nice. I aalso love the feel of city runs where for once in the year the streets are void of motorized vehicules 🙂

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