Totally Bummed

This weekend the VOB Grape Run marks the anniversary of the start of my running career – it was the first 21.1km I ever did (I didn’t first run a 5km and then a 10km and so on, I just went big from the start 🙂 ) which was almost exactly 7 months before my first Comrades.   But,  huge disappointment when I went to sign up all the entries were gone…  They only allow 1,500 entries since you run through some of the most magnificent wine farms in the Cape.

Now I understand the reasoning behind restricting entries but when I emailed to find out if there were any substitutions for people not running (there is a huge wine festival the day before the race so guaranteed there will be at least 1 person of the 1,500 not making it on the day), they said no…

If there is anyone out there who has an entry and isn’t going to run please let me know and I’ll go to VOB and try again, if not I’ll see you out there running the 5km with one of the new running converts Vanessa (I can’t claim her conversion, that belongs to someone else unfortunately).

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