The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – Part 1

I’m just going to be brutally honest, I didn’t enjoy this race.  I’m not sure if it was because I started, knowing that I hadn’t done enough training and was not looking forward to a long day on the road or if I was just having an off day – but for whatever reason there was a full scale battle going on in my head from the very beginning.

I came over the line in 5 hours and 50 minutes (which is about 40 minutes faster than what I thought I’d do it in) and it was with a smile on my face, but this race had me wishing my iPod had another volume setting called “call your audiologist before engaging this setting” and wondering if I should in fact do the Comrades which is in 6 weeks time…

Things I learned from this race:

  • It was great doing a race with my mom again (even if it was only for the first hour)
  • It is impossible to tell what the human body is capable of doing, until you push it
  • That some people possess such strength that it oozes from their bodies and is contagious

I know this post is rather random; I will elaborate in Part 2…


  1. Candice says:

    I agree with the second race being more mental during training, I’ve battled from the start – but just a few weeks away!! Lets hope the race goes as well as it did last year 😉

  2. Candice says:

    Thanks Brian, great to hear you guys are running next year – I hope you find what you need here 😉

  3. BrianFlash says:

    Sometimes the race just doesn’t go well. But it seems that your performance was still good and you pushed thru your issues which is the sign of a strong will!

    Just found your blog and I’m going to be a follower. My brother and I are hoping to run Comrades in 2010.

  4. Mwaka Kaonga says:

    Comrades in 6 weeks…now I am scared.

    Kudos to all the Two oceaners. I did that race in 2006 and got killed. so before I do the masai mara I have a bone to pick with TOM..if this comrades does not completely finish me…
    I remember doing my second marathon, I was still pumped and healthy. The second comrades is very mental…as I struggle in my training I tell myself this is the only chance I have to the back to back comrades medal…dig deeper!When I did the first comrades I dug deeper during the race, now I find I have to dig deeper during training…what’s up with that?
    I know for a fact that it can’t hurt more than 39 days…Lets all go to PMB and get it done…the wine will taste good…

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