The Terra Firma

The Race:

  • 50km cycle
  • 13km run
  • 25km mountain bike, and
  • 9km beach run

The team:

  • Shaun,
  • Nicola,
  • Jess and
  • myself.

The Terra Firma forms part of the Totalsports Challenge Adventure Racing series.  None of us had done anything like this before so we were all a little nervous at the race brief on Thursday when they were discussing the course and all the rules and regulations – plus seeing some top notch athletes in the group didn’t do us first timers any good…

I could talk about how perfect the conditions were on the day (no wind and overcast skies) but instead I want to talk about our hidden talents and flawless change overs, all without previous experience 😉

Nicola did the cycle and came in 20 minutes before she had predicted she’d finish, I did the run and did a personal best of 1:04, Shaun did the mountain bike leg even though he couldn’t even remember what a mountain bike looked like it had been so long since his last ride and Jess did the beach run – very well I might add since it was Springtide and she had to be careful she wasn’t washed into the ocean.

Adventure racing is usually a combination of a few different disciplines, unlike a triathlon which never goes off-road, adventure racing incorporates orienteering, paddling, climbing, trail running and other similar disciplines.  I’d always fancied doing something like this but was never motivated enough to try, and now that I have tried and it seems we have a pretty good team from the get-go I think we might try our hand in a few more of these types of races.

I must admit there was one thing we failed dismally at – choosing an appropriate team name – we are open to any suggestions..

The Team

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