The Skyrun Post-Race Dissection

The Skyrun took place on the weekend and my mom was one of the crazy ones to actually take part.  I asked her to write about it for Reluctant Runner, here is what she had to say about it…

“I found it very difficult, and very long. I’ve decided that I love trail running, with the optimum words being ‘trail’ and ‘run’. I think we only ran about 1km and that was from the start to the gate where you head into the mountains (in town), otherwise it was a loooong walk with the most beautiful scenery, all along the top of the mountains.

We ended up only doing 65km of the 100km as this took us from 4am to 8.45pm. Just too long on the trail, too burnt, sore feet and just plain gatvol. It turns out that they stopped the race at CP7 anyway – only the front runners who ran through the night were able to go through to the end.

There was no way we were we going to tackle the bit from Balloch to Wartrail in the pitch dark – two massive mountains to go up and down, and not knowing where to go – no markers, no flags, no paths and not much oxygen for us low landers – just a 1:50 000 contour map and a GPS (thank goodness for this otherwise we’d still be wondering around in the mountains along with most of the other entrants).

Anyway a great experience, but not one I think I will be doing again.”

How hectic is that!!!  Well done to everyone, even if you didn’t finish, I think just doing the first day is an achievement in itself.  Well done to those who did finish and to the winners Iain don Wouchope and Tatem Prins!!!

skyrun 1

skyrun 2

skyrun 3

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