The Masai Mara Marathon Follow-up

A few months back I had to come up with what my ideal African holiday would include – the Masai Mara Marathon being one of them, then a couple of weeks ago I got an email from Chris who said that in fact this year, in conjunction with the Fairmont Rotary Club, they managed to hold this event.

It is only a half marathon distance but you get to run through the Olchorro Oirowua Conservancy.  Armed rangers are staggered along the route to keep an eye out for dangerous animals which adds to the excitement of the runners – or at least it would add to my excitement…

The cut-off is 2 hours because of the logistics surrounding a marathon of this nature and watering stations are 5km apart, not what we are used to but then again running with the possibility of being chased by something which eats meat is also not usual.

The aim of creating this marathon was to raise awareness and funds for the Mara ecosystems as well as a way to address the plight of retired Olympic legends, some of them from this area.  Sports tourism is also a sustainable way to bring money into the community, contributing to better living conditions and other facilities.

Next year the marathon is going to be held on November 20th so get your entries in early to avoid disappointment.

maasai mara

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