The Freshpak Clanwilliam Fitness Festival

On Saturday, October 3rd I will be taking part in my first triathlon in Clanwilliam.  I’m having sleepless nights about it already!!  I’m not nervous about the run or the cycle because if I’m tired or I suddenly feel like I don’t want to keep going – I can just pull off on the side of the road and wait for someone to come and fetch me, but with swimming it is another story all together…

As mentioned in my previous post about swimming, I think I made it pretty clear that it isn’t one of my talents especially after a practice swim last weekend left  me exhausted and barely able to crawl out of the pond I’d just come from – after only swimming 3o0 metres…  I’m sure you can understand why I’m battling with anxiety!

The distances are relatively short which apparently make this event “fun” and “for the whole family” – I’d hate to be the one to put a damper on things and insist on an age restriction when they pull my half-drowned body out of the water, cursing my sinking body and Nicola for making me say I’d do the Half Ironman…

The triathlon is made up of an 800 metre swim, followed by a 20km cycle and a 5km run which can be done individually or in teams.  There are other events too so check out the website to see if you (or your kids) would like to take part.

Let me know if you will be there too…

The Clanwilliam Dam

The Clanwilliam Dam

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