The BDO Peninsula Marathon

On Sunday I’m running the Peninsula Marathon which is quite special to me considering it was the first marathon I ever did (although the route has changed).  I’m probably about as nervous as I was 2 years ago because I haven’t done any long runs since last November…

Check out the profile below:


Good luck to all the first time marathon runners, despite the look of the profile this is a spectacular run with beautiful veiws which, if you aren’t too tired, you should stop and admire.

Also for the first timers, the last 5km are always the worst so make sure you eat enough during the race to carry you through to the end.  I have my trusty second Nicolene waiting at the bottom of Red Hill and again just after The Point, so if you are in need of some energy then look out for a red Polo and trot over to ask for some food.

I’ll send an update next week.


  1. Cands says:

    Sweet potatoes and regular potatoes with salt 🙂

  2. Johann says:

    What will you be eating when you get to her?

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