Finally, I have wound up all the donations and the total made for Reach For Recovery from my running the 89km of the Comrades Marathon was just around R6 200!

For my first time fund raising attempt I didn’t have any expectations, so I’m really happy about the generosity everyone displayed in helping motivate me!

Now, this may read like a bit of a Grammy Awards winning speech (but let’s face it, this is probably the closest I’m going to get to one of those) – but I do need to thank a few people who had an impact on my life since I had decided to run this race.

I think to begin with it would be fair to thank the Van Kets Family for letting me run in memory of Gemma, this is my tribute to someone I didn’t know for very long but whose strength and courage made an indelible mark on my life.

My running partners over the months (I had to keep changing when they got sick of me) Jo, Mary & Shaun, Nicola & Shaun, Jess, Jacques and James – thanks guys you made this process a lot less lonely than it could have been.

Michael Heath for being my morning running partner and comic relief on 4 Hills for Lindsay!

Cobus, thanks again for the ride when I bailed on the West Coast Marathon and then for all the encouragement, I think besides filling the role as nutritionist, head-coach might have also come into play…

Mom thanks for being my role model in all of this – you are a machine!

Dad you are really the best possible example of what being a great father is about – giving up your Father’s Day to stand on the side of the road holding out potatoes and chicken legs, which I still managed to complain about.

Thank-you especially to Nicolene and Erin for being there for most of my big runs, as the greatest seconds ever!

To both mom and dad for financing my trip and for buying my first pair of running shoes, less than a year ago.

To Andy at for providing such an awesome platform for donations, you will be used on my next fund raising endeavour for sure!

Thank-you, Thank-you to everyone who donated money I am flattered by the response and convinced that I must have some of the most generous friends a crazy running girl could ever have.

I have to make mention of the team at Cruise iQ and Ocean 7 who put up with my tired rattyness at work.  It was also a blessing that the job I had allowed me enough head-space, energy and time to set up this blog and to run every day.

Thank you to everyone who sms’d me before, during and after the race.  I even had a call from Australia just minutes before we were due to leave for the start!

Thanks for all the encouragement Umhlathuze AC, my running club!

Thanks to SABC for putting me on TV for 3 seconds – I feel almost famous!!

This was the most amazing journey! It is surprising how strong you actually are, and until you put yourself to the test I don’t think you really know what you are capable of.  The human mind is stronger than what I had ever imagined, my mind – which hopefully spells great things for the future!

Thanks again everyone, I am truly grateful!

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