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This blog post has very little to do about running and a lot to do about bargain shopping – granted the bargains which drew me to this site were running related…  At the moment my running wardrobe needs a major overhaul and to replace everything I have for newer versions of the same thing is not going to be cheap!!

I was told to check out Luxury4Less which deals with hugely discounted brand items from across all ranges – now I’m not one of those runners who has to be in branded clothing from head to toe – I’ve just found what I am comfortable in and like wearing, especially when I have to be wearing said clothing item for a couple of hours at a time…

Let’s take the skirt I run in for example – it’s a tennis skirt made by Adidas and over the years I’ve tried other makes but the Adidas one just fits perfectly and gives me no chafe, no matter how much time I spend in it.  Similarly the tops I have (also tennis tops) also from Adidas are only starting to lose their elasticity now – after 3 years of hard wear and tear, not just on the tennis court but at the gym and of course on the road.

Luxury 4 Less gets limited amounts of stock (and not just clothing items but perfumes, holidays, cosmetics etc) and sells them for discounts which range from 30% to 60% off the retail price, and sometimes even more!!  I remember signing up to a couple of these sites when I lived in the States because I’d just discovered the wonders of online shopping but couldn’t always afford the things I wanted.

At the moment Luxury 4 Less has Polaroid sunnies in stock which are going for between R350 and R450 (that’s a 35% saving) – an accessory I have yet to purchase and must do in haste since the wrinkles around my eyes are apparently from me not wearing sunglasses while out on long runs (I was told Polaroid is the best, any objections??).

Their stock rotates so I’m going to be keeping a close eye on this site for any more bargains!!  If you are keen to check it out it is an invite only site so send me your email address and I’ll send you an invite – this is also for South Africans only I’m afraid…

I’m sure there are other runners out there who have brand preferences – and aren’t sponsored:), what are yours??



  1. staci says:

    me too please, i love the adidas tennis skirt too.

  2. Sally says:

    Me me me me please!! Don’t have any brand preferences (due to financial restraints rather than by choice!) but definitely need new running stuff … and have just realised where my wrinkles obviously come from!!

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