Running vs Walking

I’m sure most of you have seen race walkers?
They are those people in races who do the funny hip sway thing that makes me want to laugh out loud, but which I’ve learned to respect after coming across these walkers in some of the races I’ve done, and battled to pass because they were actually going faster than me…

On Sunday I took part in the Cape Times Big Walk – being the optimist I am I signed myself and 3 of my friends up for the 30km route from Simonstown.  I had sold it to my friends with the promise of spectacular scenery over False Bay and the fact that we would just be walking…

There were serious walkers in this race but it is also quite a social event and we thought it would be a good time to bond PLUS proceeds were going to Breast Cancer research which we all know I feel strongly for.  Starting out with high spirits we managed most of the route without too much trouble (read: complaining) but in the last 5km it seemed our wheels were in grave danger of falling off entirely.

Stiff hips, blistered feet, sunburn and on the verge of a sense of humour failure, we all stepped over the finish line together.  The 3 friends I walked with had never walked this distance before and considering we did it in 4 hours and 53 minutes (which is an average of 6.5km an hour) they all deserved a big pat on the back for doing something like this – no training and just for the fun of it!!

I do have to add that I haven’t been this stiff after an event in a very long time.  Barely able to get out of bed on Monday morning and painful grimacing every time I stood up from my computer at work made me wonder how I managed to run almost 3 times the distance I walked on Sunday…  Honestly I’m surprised that I can be so running fit, but walking fit is a totally different thing!!

Oh, and for my friends Amanda, Nicolene and Jeanene – you girls rock!!

In closing I’d like to repeat myself on something that has been proved to me yet again – how do you know what you are capable of if you never push yourself??

PS I’ll post the picture of all of us when I get it, its a keeper 😉


  1. marcusbird says:

    Sadly i’ve only done up to a 10K distance, 30K takes mucho gusto heheh. Keep it up!

  2. amanda says:

    You rock girlfriend! Your enthusiasm inspires me! Bring on the 2 Oceans Half Marathon (that is if my black toenail has healed by then…he he)


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