Running vs Swimming

I’ve been trying to think of the parallels between running and swimming – my result…  there aren’t any!!

Let me try and explain.  My “swimming” career consists of

  • a hand-full of lessons when I was about 8,
  • hours upon hours of playing in our pool and
  • paddling on my surfboard

– as you can see far from anything of value.

So to bridge the gap between swimming and not swimming I decided to sign up for some lessons.  Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail here because this is a running blog after all but the bottom line is, I sink… Yip butt first!

My body starts out reasonable flat and near the top of the water and gradually sinks from the hips to the legs so I look like a boat with a very fat person sitting in one end.  Obviously I had never really noticed this with a surfboard keeping me safely afloat but this may be an issue with a 1.9km swim in the ocean to start the Half Iron Man.

Any ideas??

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  1. Sam says:


    I am a couch potato with ideas that I too can complete a triathlon. I completed a swimming course in Feb called Total Immersion. I’ve always enjoyed swimming – but now I love it – its the best part of training for me as its become effortless and relaxing. Maybe read up on it – it could help you as well?


  2. BrianFlash says:

    You’ll float better in the ocean then in a pool because of the salty water. So there is one little advantage there!

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