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I have a little confession to make…  You know when I wrote about Ostriching and that as a running strategy it is probably sub-optimal – weeelllll

Since January I have been keeping a log of all my training and race kilometres, I’d decided to do this just so that I’d know how off track I was, but as it turns out I only ever plugged data in, I never actually looked back to check how far off I was – yes, (head hung low) I was ostriching it because I had a sneaky suspicion that my training wasn’t anywhere near where it had to be.

Of course the story doesn’t end there…  The day before the race when I met up with other runners from my club, everyone was comparing how many kilometres they’d logged in training which ranged between 1 000 and 1 200km’s since Dec/Jan – I stealthily stayed out of these conversations because when I thought back to my training calendar I remember it being rather sparse…

SO, this weekend I decided to count up how much I actually did and finally go cold turkey on the ostriching,  an exercise which made me realize that luckily I did ostrich with this particular thing because as it turns out I had to round up – to 600km’s!!!!

No really, I’m not joking I even counted again to make sure which has lead me to start thinking about this whole training thing.  Do we train incessantly for the Comrades (or any longer race for that matter) to help our bodies or our minds?

My theory is that mental training is totally separate and has nothing to do with running or how much you have trained.  Sure if you know you can do a marathon then you’d be more confidant to tackle an ultra, what I’m talking about is the fact that on most of these races I’ve found that it is my mind which determines how well my race is going to go, not my fitness…

I’m going to think about this a bit more, what is your theory?

My Comrades medals for 2009

My Comrades medals for 2009


  1. Cands says:

    That is great to hear Eduard!! Good Luck.

  2. Eduard says:

    Great site. I have lost two weeks training in march and now I lost another week and a half due to flue. My distance underfoot is also around 600km however I felt that doing a two week – 15km a day – at a easy pace and resting the two days before the long runs 42 50’s have given me extra energy and motivation. My times have improved by almost an hour for these distances and I feel more relaxed on the runs.

  3. Cands says:

    Welcome to the madness 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    Well what a lovely blog, linked via the comrades forum page. I’m a newbie to Comrades, and so hope i can do it, no crazy times, just a sub-12 finish and i’ll be one happy chappie.

    Continue the good work:)


  5. Trish says:

    Hi Cands, I agree, Comrades and any ultra for that matter, is a head race but physically you have to prepare for it as well. I think the younger you are the easier it is to take on the long ones without the required training. I still believe tho’, that if you had done the recommended 800-1200km in the build-up period to Comrades, you would have been able to do a much quicker time. I think you have a gift – you’re a natural runner – don’t waste it!
    Love Mom (your eternal supporter)

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