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Last night after my run I was informed that I was getting too skinny.  This is a normal thing, it seems, when I step up the training I lose a few kilo’s until I manage to balance my eating and training out again.
Now for those of you who don’t know me, I am pretty small already so losing more weight makes me look like a pre-pubescent boy…

Another tell tale sign that it is time to crack out the cooked meals twice a day is  the fact that my neck seems to get all skinny making my head look too big for my body (my friends hold nothing back).
When I was training for the Comrades Marathon, I just put it down to being normal for the distances that I was covering and that since running was a temporary thing for me at that stage, I didn’t really bother too much about all the disappearing weight.

I am however a little more concerned about it now, since running has become a more permanent feature and my health is very important to me.

Logistically eating the amount of food to balance out the training would require me spending a lot more time in front of the stove (sub-optimal), and I just can’t physically put that much food into my stomach.

So, meal replacements (along with what I am currently eating) seem like the way forward.  To be honest I’ve never tried any of these supplements before, having only ever taken Protein when I was delving into the vegetarian world.

I have been recommended a few brands and am keen to try a few others out, but I’m opening this to all of you – any ideas as to what I should take or what works for you would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. There really is only 1 supplement producer you should seriously consider. EAS. Their Myoplex meal replacement is AWESOME. You might want to start with the Myoplex Lite since you are slightly built and you do want to keep weight down but maintained. They also have great endurance supplements that you should not be training without either – both on the run and post-workout. They sponsored me for a few years and although EAS are not the cheapest, it’s by far the most researched and effective.

  2. btefan says:

    Yeah, I’ve got a similar problem. When I get back after a long run, all I do is eat. but during the week I don’t always eat enough, especially because I’ve started working out again.

    Wish I could offer more tips…sorry. But whatever you find, I’d love to hear how it works.

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