Running Suppliment follow-up

I’ve had some awesome response to my post about trying to maintain my weight while training for the Cape Town Marathon, and I just had to share the one comment a friend sent on Skype. Apparently the same happens to him when his head seems too big for his body, and in his words he ends up looking like “an orange on a toothpick”…

I couldn’t stop laughing AND I was at work which made stifling said laughter a must!

As for the supplements I’m trying out a product called “Nutribalance Complete” which has loads of protein and all the vitamins etc that are supposed to make up a complete diet (it is also delicious). So far so good, I will keep you updated on how it is working for me.

I have included the link for EAS Myoplex products which were suggested in the comment from Erik (I want to call him Mr Vermeulen – he used to be one of my high school teachers – but at 27 years old I’m sure first names are more than appropriate…)


  1. Deb Brown says:

    Is the Nutribalance Complete a drink? I cannot stand swallowing pills.
    Debbie Kay~

  2. Trish says:

    Cands, when next you ‘speak’ to Eric, tell him I send my regards as well.

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