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Ostriching is the term I use for the strategy I followed last year with all my races.  For those of you who can’t guess what it involves (probably due to your lack of knowledge around that flightless bird, the Ostrich), here is my definition:

Ostriching (Aus.tree.ching) is the term used to describe the tactic of going into a race (can be running or cycling) having actively avoided looking at the route so that you don’t scare yourself out of taking part in the race all together, or bursting into hysterical tears while standing on the starting line.

Derived from the Ostrich which is a bird about as big as a horse which can’t fly, has very few predators and a brain so small it would sneeze it out of it’s nose (if it could sneeze).  The Ostrich, when confronted by danger is known not to flee (it is after all one of the fastest birds on the run) but to put its head in a hole in the ground – why??  Because what it can’t see can’t hurt it…

Now, last year this tactic actually worked quite well for me but this year I’ve decided (since I’m an evolved human being and hopefully will never sneeze my brain out my nose) to actually research my races and if I can, train on them.

So Sunday had me running up Constantia Neck with Nicola, Shaun and Jess (who I’d conned into running with me) a notoriously horrid hill 42km into the 2 Oceans which is so close I have the unbearable urge to find a head shaped hole…
It went surprisingly well actually although I do have to bear in mind that I ran the 14km’s on fresh legs, not 42km old legs.

What strategies, if any, do you follow?




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  2. ryan says:

    Ostrich’s don’t sneeze? OK.
    They are so dumb – a friend of mine was researching them at Rhodes Uni – they would walk into a fence and not know to turn around. But be that as it may i am an osticher. First of all i am never organised enough to check out the route – i agree with your last year’s approach and think it makes it interesting if you don’t know what you are going to see and makes the run go by quicker – especially obviously if you are in a town you don’t know. I am always a bit daunted if i know what’s coming up. And of course being a middle of the pack kind of runner i guess i have no issues with regards getting lost – i just follow the crowd.
    I know there are bus rides of the comrades route the day before – i have not signed up for that (yet) – i dunno i think it might just scare the hell out of me. Especially after my good friend Dave aka Baba who has run the race told me that the route itself is long (duh) and very boring. Plus we all know that travelling by bus is always the last option
    Why did you change something that worked well last year??!! I guess you wanted to just try something new?

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