Running Stories

I’ve decided to start another series, this one is called Running Stories and will involve interviews with different runners and their experience with the Comrades Marathon and other endurance races which have the potential to be life changing.

I’d like to cover categories like First time Comrades runners, Bus Drivers (Pace setters), People who have overcome insane things to go on to run the Comrades, Green Number runners (10 Comrades or more), Seconds and foreign runners who come over here to take part in this crazy race.

I’ll be making a few changes around the blog too, just to make it a bit more stream line (especially since my occupation is online marketing and specifically social media – which is embarrassing to admit given the fact that I’ve done so little on this blog), so please let me know what you think along the way.

Looking forward to interviewing some great people and sharing what I find!!


Photo Credit:  PakyuZ

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