New Running Shoe Nightmares

Who freaks out every time they have to buy new running shoes?

I can see virtual hands going up all over the place because I know I’m not alone, not by a long shot…

It became evident after/during the Two Oceans a few weekends back that I was in desperate need of new shoes (and no this is not an excuse for my performance).  The shoes I have now are almost exactly a year old, having realised at the same time last year that the shoes I had then, New Balance Pronation shoes were way past their shelf life (even though it was premature in my opinion).  So I’m no stranger at getting new shoes 7 weeks before the Comrades, hell last year I even changed brands which did give me a few sleepless nights in the decision making process.  Luckily my new shoes never gave me a moments trouble, which given the circumstances was very fortunate.

This time around I had been advised by my biokineticist that I should try a slightly lower pronation shoe to what I had – to be fair she did tell me this last year November.  Yesterday I was faced with the dilema, do I buy the shoe I have never had issues with or do I listen to the professional and make the change to a different model?    Luckily being paralysed by indecision is something I am familiar with so after umming and aahing for a while I took the different model.

Running in them yesterday felt a bit strange.  I could feel rubbing on the inside of my foot – the type that would get rather unpleasant on a long run of lets say for example, 89km.  They also didn’t really match my outfit which had me thinking twice about the decision I’d made.  Today I called my biokineticist and she heard my sob story which really boils down to the fact that buying new shoes is always a cause of anxiety for me and she suggested I go with the old style shoe given that I’d only woken up to the fact that I needed new shoes at such a late stage in the training game.

So, this afternoon I sit with my new Asics 2150’s feeling much more comfortable.  I’m taking them out for a test-drive later but something tells me that I think they will be just fine.  And you know, I don’t even feel bad for having new shoe anxiety, my mom loses 8/10 toe nails every time she does a long race – no wonder I’m a little paranoid…

Asics GT-2150


  1. BrianFlash says:

    I think I’m pretty tolerant of shoe change, but I still like to stick with a manufacturer and model that works for me, at least until the shoe company changes it. That said, my three current pairs of shoes are all Asics; an 1150 (~300 miles), 2230 (~800 miles), and 2240s (~100 miles). Those 2240s are being used only in my long races and are making the trip to South Africa in a little over a month!

  2. Trish says:

    Nice and white – but not for long! Hope they came with wings, mine didn’t – damn – considering the price! But guess what, so far no toe nails lost.

  3. Cands says:

    Yes, I thought so myself. Much shinier than yours might I add…

  4. Shaun says:

    Nice takkies!!

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