Running Shoe Laces

Recently running shoe laces have become an issue in my life (albeit a relatively small one) because what I thought were ‘Never come undone laces’ are in fact ‘Will come undone if you do not double knot laces’.  Then I discovered that in fact many runners actually have a special way of lacing their running shoes to achieve different things – some need an extra snug fit, some tie their laces in a way to avoid a pressure spot on the top of their foot and some are just superstitious about the way their shoes are laced and have been doing it the same way since they started running.

I’m not sure if any of you have had the unfortunate experience of running on a treadmill full-tilt, trying not to get too sweaty and hoping like hell that your butt isn’t wobbling too much, when your ‘Never come undone laces’ decide to, well come undone…  It gets rather tricky trying to stop the treadmill while at the same time trying not to trip yourself all the while reminding your legs to keep moving so as not to be spat off the back of the machine – of course I’m speaking from experience which is what led me to do some research on the matter.

I found this very interesting article done in the Runners World, complete with little video’s and everything so if you, like me, are having issues with your laces then I hope this helps.  My lacing tactic usually involves just leaving the laces as they come when I buy the shoes, what do you guys do???


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