Running Route Series – Part 1

Chapman’s Peak Drive is a spectacular piece of road which hugs the side of a mountain and is quite regularly closed due to rock falls, which is actually the best time to run on this road because it means you don’t have to compete for your little piece of tarmac with any cars, although cyclists do put up a pretty good fight…

The road from end to end is about 18km return, it also offers ups and downs which is great for training.  The following images were taken from above the road while on a hike in the area:

First half of Chapman's Peak

First half of Chapman's Peak

Second Half of Chapman's Peak

Second Half of Chapman's Peak


  1. Candice says:

    Yes it is!! It has been closed for the past few months because of rock falls, but they will be opening it for the 2 Oceans.

  2. ryan says:

    Amazing – is this part of the 2 oceans route this year? I know they kept this off the route for a while. That view should be enough to inspire you to train! Though i know it is pretty hilly – especially just after you get through it from what i can remember

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