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While I was out searching for a new pair of running shoes a few weeks back, I was asked if I was keen to be a guinea pig for a study which the Sports Science Institute, the University of Exeter (UK) and the DSO National Laboratories (Singapore) are doing to measure what the body temperature does during Ultra Marathons in warm environments.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity, always being eager to do new things (oh wait, isn’t that how I got into running too 🙂

What does this involve??
I have to swallow a temperature sensor (and no, they don’t want it back to those wondering) and then carry a small recording device which logs what my core temperature and my skin temperature is doing throughout the race.  They will also be taking a small sample of blood before and after, checking my hydration levels and I guess a bunch of other stuff.

I also had to do a VO2 Max test (check out tomorrows post on that experience), where they are able to see how fit I am along with measuring my body fat percentage.
I’m really quite excited to find out what the results show, I was told after my little run that apparently I’m in the top 5% of the general population in terms of cardio-vascular fitness, which has done wonders for my confidence – only 4 weeks from the Comrades…

NOTE:  They are still 6 people short on this study so if anyone in the Western Cape is running the comrades and would like to be involved, email Aurélien at or check out the information on their Facebook Group.

The Pill I have to swallow


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