Running, Recovery and Milk

I came across a study the other day that suggested chocolate milk is just as good as , if not better than the sports recovery drinks us runners consume after a race or hard training, to help repair our damaged muscles.

I don’t know about you guys but I really battle to get the Peptopro (the make of recovery drink I use and is apparently a pre-digested milk protein – although tastes nothing like milk) down my throat, and keep it down, especially after a long race when you aren’ t feeling your best as it is – so as you can imagine, this article sparked my interest.


According to a team at the James Madison University in Virginia, USA – they found that muscle damage was lower in football players who were given chocolate milk pre and post intensive training, compared with their team mates who just drank commercial products.

If this is true then I’m definately going to consider making the change from bile tasting post-race drinks to yummy chocolate milk!!

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