Running Playlist

I always wonder what other people are listening to on a run.  While my selection is mainly Rock to help dull the pain, I have a few unique tracks which always make me smile and sometimes bring goosebumps to my appendages.

I like to call it the “Soundtrack of my life” and this is how it goes:


The Killers remind me of jumping around at Mercury (this is considered training too), singing on the top of my lungs with Andrea, Vanessa, Jeanene, Nix and the rest of the girls


Modest Mouse reminds me of driving to work in the snow with Jonathon


Barenaked Ladies and Travis remind me of Ky and Trine, Kings Cutlery and Scotland


“Honky tonk ba-dunk-a-dunk” (don’t ask if you aren’t interested in American country music) reminds me of my travel buddy Tessa and living in Pleasant Street, USA.


The Foo Fighters and Violent Femmes remind me of road tripping and Andre


“Ninety-nine Quiet Bitter Beginnings” by CKY reminds me of Tomasin and the car phone


“Swing Life Away” by Rise Against and “Instant pleasure” by Rufus Wainright reminds me of life at the Pemi and skiing (in snow)


The Red Hot Chilly Peppers is Europe and Dispatch is America


I will be starting the Comrades to the prescribed Chariots of Fire and I will be ending it with PM’s Love Theme from the movie “Love Actually”.


All this music helps melt the kilometers away, what are your favorites??





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  1. ryan says:

    I am getting caught up slowly thru the blog (when i should be working of course – this site should be blocked like the others that reduce effeciency!) Thanks for the notes so far – it’s good to see ahead of what to expect.
    As far as music a bit of country is essential – must be from my time in Dallas. I agree with all your choices – well the ones i know of which is most of them. I will try some of the rest when i get a chance
    Plus i have to have random play selected – i need the suspense of what could be next.
    I have been listening to the Parlotones a lot actually as they are doing a show in Toronto next Thursday! I have rounded up a bunch of people to go most of whom have no idea who they are of course.
    OK back to work

  2. Sheriff says:

    Good to see some country music on your playlist. I’m sure that it also reminds you of Nashville.

  3. btefan says:

    Love the list. I love Cowboy Mouth and the Clash. And throw in some Social Distortion to get the blood pumping.

  4. Ray Zorback says:

    This may sound weird, but I can’t listen to anything with words! LOL. I like PodRunner. It is a free podcast with about an hour of music at certain beats per minute so you can time your runs with them. I could see how when I need to run longer than 30 minutes, I might want something else to stimulate my thinking & I wouldn’t mind worded songs or even books, but right now, I just need something to get my mind off of the pain! lol!

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