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Yesterday I was notified that my pictures from the Two Oceans had been uploaded to Action Photo – these are the official photographers at all of our races and you can buy your pictures online after the race if you want them.

It is always great to have a photo to remember your race by, well the big ones anyway, but most of the time they are not all that flattering.  In my Two Oceans pics Jason, my running buddy, looked like he wanted to punch someone in every single one (on asking him about this he did confess to wanting to punch himself) which made me think about the letter I wrote to these running photographers, trying to give them pointers as to when they should and shouldn’t take a photo and the warning signs of when we are about to be consumed by running rage.

Have a look at that letter and if you know anyone who is a running photographer then please pass it on, its time we started educating these guys.

Running Photo

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