Running Nerves

I’m going to need everyone to send me good vibes tomorrow morning, starting at 6:30am!!  You can stop at around 11:00 which is when I should be finished running the 42.2km Cape Town Marathon

Somewhat unprepared in that I haven’t done any long races since Knysna,  although more fit since the first marathon I did back in February – I’m still nervous and am hoping that my legs remember the 89km Comrades Marathon.

My mom will be seconding me on the route for the first time which I’m really excited about,  my aim when I signed up for this race was to better my  first marathon  time of 4 hours and 30 minutes (my only marathon coming to think of it) and try bring it to as close to 4 hours as possible.

I’ll give you the race rundown on Monday probably, oh and if you are in the Cape Town area tomorrow morning look out for me – my black skirt and top with a green crocodile across my chest is pretty hard to miss!!

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  1. Louis says:

    Will be sending you those vibes girl & I’ll get the other guys from World Wide Creative to also hold thumbs… just think of the colour yellow while running – it’s supposed to keep ya focused.


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