Running Medal Alternatives

On Sunday I did the Milkwood half marathon as my last long run before the Comrades.  I wanted to do this race in particular because instead of handing you a medal at the end, they hand you an indigenous tree…  Rather random I know, especially since I live in an apartment, but I’d far prefer getting something like this, which I can keep in my flat until it is too big, than a medal.

This post isn’t about the actual race because I did it last year and which I’d recommend anyone in the area adds to their running calendar, I wanted to write about this race because it has come to my attention that my little wooden box which I keep my medals in is becoming inconveniently full.

I’m not sure about any of you, but after every race when I get a medal, it gets photographed for a blog post and then unceremoniously thrown into a box in my cupboard – not really what you’d think one would do with something which is meant to be given for bragging rights…

I’ve always been interested in what people do with these useless pieces of metal, some people don’t take one, others throw them away before they even leave the event and some people do the same as me (minus the taking a photo for a blog post) – very few in fact do anything useful with theirs which has made me start thinking about possible alternatives.

I like the idea of a tree because it makes me feel all hippie and cancels out feeling bad for not recycling (AND a tree is also harder to kill than normal house plants).  I asked around at the race yesterday and some people said they’d prefer water bottles or even sachets of new products to try.

I certainly wouldn’t shed a tear at not getting a medal – ok ok some races you HAVE to get a medal like the Two Oceans, the Comrades and the bit international City races.  I’m interested to hear what you’d like to get instead of a medal!!

Running "Medal"

Running "Medal"

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