Running Injuries

It’s been ages!!  I know, but I have a good excuse…

So the last time I wrote it was just before a marathon I’d been training for to use as my qualifier for the Comrades and Two Oceans.  The afternoon before the marathon I went to buy some Gu’s for the race and fell, ending up in this:

Running Injuries

Some seriously wrenched ligaments and tendons later I was in a moon boot with crutches, visiting my Physio every week.  Now the thing with running injuries (although I in no way got this from running) is that there is usually a catch-22 situation where all you want to do is get back onto the road, but that action alone will take you back to square 1 which in simple terms means REST.  All you runners out there know that term REST – it’s like swear-word which would result in your mouth being washed out with soap if your mother heard you utter it.

My physio was adamant that if I didn’t REST and do the rehab needed for this type of injury, it would be a recurring thing, so I decided to take his advice and embody that word in every way possible.  Turns out RESTing is hard to get into but once there it’s double as hard to get out, or that was my experience anyway.

So that’s the long and the short of it, I haven’t been writing because I’ve had nothing much to write about with all this RESTing I’ve been doing, but things have started up again, which is why I’m back on the wagon 🙂

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