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In 2 weeks time (13 days to be exact), I have my first marathon in what feels like AGES…  The last marathon I ran was last years Comrades, just to put a few things into perspective 🙂  I have been SO slack this year with races – this is not to say that I haven’t been training, of course I have but I just haven’t tested out how well that training has been going…

So the Peninsula marathon is on February 21st.  I was going to use the marathon to try and better my Comrades qualifying time as well as to qualify for the Two Oceans, but since I haven’t taken part as consistantly in races as what I have in previous years – I’m starting to feel the ever annoying running nerves which seem to burrow themselves right into my stomach and make it lurch every time I think about running a marathon again.

Let me know if you are doing the Peninsula too, it would be great to say hi!!


  1. Cands says:

    Sally, take rescue remedy it works a charm!! As for doing the Peninsula in under 5 hours, I’m confidant that you will manage just fine. See you there!!

  2. Sally says:

    No ran on my own, but only landed up doing 25 ‘cos had been out night before, left too late, got too hot!! Now stressing about being under-trained for Sunday. Considered not doing Peninsula and pinning all my hopes on West Coast but think that will make me too anxious! A friend is getting me a sub 5 hour pacing chart and just going to do my best not to be too psychologically wrecked if I don’t make it! Trying to see Peninsula as a “practice run” for now, and West Coast as my qualifier. Hope that fools my mind into relaxing from the mind numbing fear that is encompassing me right now!!

  3. Cands says:

    Sally, you will be just fine 🙂 Take it easy on the 30km this weekend so that you aren’t still recovering by the 21st… Is it just a club run?

  4. Sally says:

    Candice I’m doing Peninsula too!! And it will be the first marathon I have ever done and my qualifier (hopefully!) for Comrades and (possibly!) Two Oceans. My training has NOT been going well, first I had blisters, then I got gastro, then my mom went away and I couldn’t do my long runs. So the longest run I have done is 23kms, this weekend I am doing a 30 km and then I guess I just have to pray it will be enough to enable me to do the Peninsula in under five hours … so if you think you’re nervous, you have NO idea how I feel right now!!!!

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