I read a study a couple of years back that proved if you were a single woman living in Cape Town, you had more chance of being run over by a bus than being married once you hit 30, this does not make me happy at all considering I am approaching 30 at what seems like warp speed.

Armed with this knowledge, along with the fact that I think my legs are too short to pull off shorts, has led me to explore other types of running attire since I believe there is no excuse to NOT look decent, even if you are running 89km’s.

Discovering the tennis skirt (from my days working at a tennis centre in New Hampshire, USA) I haven’t looked back, it really is the most perfect piece of clothing with built in shorts and a feminine yet sporty skirt hiding any unsightly sweat, wobbly bits and the notorious Moose-knuckle or Camel-toe.

This being South Africa, I have had a few strange glances at my skirt (no doubt by those already married) but for the most part the response has been very positive, I’ve even started spotting other skirt wearers, so it seems I’m setting a new trend.

Now if only we could educate the guys who take the race photo’s to make sure the shot is of us in mid-air and not as we strike the ground, making our knees look like Shar Pei puppies and our thighs like tapioca pudding…


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