Running Charity Round-Up…

It seems the final numbers are in…

All pledges were honoured and with Ryan’s efforts in Canada coupled with mine, it seems we have managed to raise about R10 860 – that’s 17 kids whose school fees will be paid up for the entire year!!

I also want to thank a few people who had a huge impact on this little endeavour of mine:

  • Everyone who was so generous and managed to spare some cash, especially since we’re all feeling rather pinched at the moment – Ryan’s friends (you know who you are), Shaun & Nicola, Ariane & Mdu, Brendan & Rebecca, Andy Duncan, Collin Budge and Russel Mackintosh (Russ was the one who said he’d double his pledge if I beat him, I came in 8 minutes after him!!).
  • Ryan, for your enthusiasm and encouragement
  • Craig for running the whole way with me and waiting for me when I needed to make pit-stops, that is what I call running-friend-loyalty!!
  • Dad for maintaining your title of Worlds Best Second
  • Mom for being my greatest fan and for all your support
  • Barry for flying down to surprise me on the route (and for sending all the race updates on Twitter) – sorry I couldn’t stop and chat 🙂
  • Stuart the bus driver who did a fantastic job of getting us all over the finish line in under 11 hours

Thanks to everyone who donated, wished us well, followed us on the day, sat through blow-by-blow accounts of the race and supported us every step of the way.

I’m thrilled with the positive response I’ve had regarding this project, I’ll keep everyone updated from time to time on how the little guys and girls in Red Hill informal settlement are doing.

The little guys and girls from Red Hill


  1. Candice says:

    Thanks a mil Fred, you are encouraging like no other I’ve ever met here on this blog!!!

  2. Fred says:

    Hey Candice!
    Just a quick “KUDOS TO YOU” once again for all of the good work you did…

    It’s people like you that make a difference.



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