Running Catch-up

The past few weeks have flown by in a blur…  I was in Joburg and Pretoria for a week where I managed to take part in a 21km run with my mom and a couple of ladies from the Irene Running Club, Amanda and Thea. This run really brought back some memories from when I was younger, having grown up in Pretoria.

Last week I did another 21km for the guys at My City Running Tours – I’ll fill you in on that great run in another blog post.  On Saturday I ran with the old guys I usually run with on weekends when I’m not doing a race,  it was great to be part of the banter with people who have known me since I was a toddler.

This week I think I might have over done it because my legs feel as if they are filled to the brim with lead and I have a shooting pain in my one quad BUT, I’m heading to Thailand tomorrow where I plan on doing as much of nothing as possible, with a few runs here and there to prepare for the Two Oceans Ultra on April 3rd.  I’ll be sure to send an update on running in Paradise 🙂


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