Running Casualties

Yesterday I was very proud of myself for heading out on a 13km run with my friend and long time running partner Jo who has also been suffering from running doldrums.  Bare with me here as a set the scene…

I usually get changed at work, throw all my stuff in my boot (that is what us South Africans call a trunk) and head to where I plan to run from – in this instance the Sea Point Promenade which is always a hive of activity.  I am very aware of petty crime and theft and so I’m careful not to leave anything in sight to tempt people to break in and steal my stuff, yesterday being no exception.

Anyway after spending a lovely hour and 40 minutes or so on the route, Jo and I got back to our cars having solved the worlds problems and feeling very proud of ourselves for putting in the distance (eventhough it might be a little late, Jo is running the marathon route of the race I’m doing this weekend).  Upon driving off I thought I heard my boot bang a little like it wasn’t open, so I stopped to have a look…  Turns out some low-life had stuck a screw driver into the lock, opened my boot and stolen my handbag (with camera, ID, purse, bank cards etc) along with my bag full of work clothes!!!

Now I’m no stranger to crime, especially petty theft having been relieved of my purse not even 6 months ago from a spawn of satan, right outside my front door (of course I was uber fit so I chased the scum bag all the way down my road and would have caught him if he hadn’t chickened out and jumped into a car which was waiting for him) – I mean who steals from a 5ft nothing, slightly built girl with her back turned???

Anyway, I don’t want to give anyone a bad view of SA, it is a magnificent place and like any developing country you have to be careful and keep a close eye on your stuff but I’m really getting sick of this!!  I think it is time to band together as a nation and make it impossible for the dregs of society to get away with stuff like this.  It has also taught me not to get too attached to any of my belongings and although Leo over at Zen Habits says this is the way forward, I’m sure I don’t need to be taught this lesson again…??

Anyway what I’m really after is a couple of ideas on how to stop this from happening again.   I can’t go home and then head out to run (not in winter anyway, it gets dark too early).  Should I fit an alarm??  Does anyone know of a fancy locking mechanism??  Either way if you have any bright ideas/contraptions please let me know!!!

Safe running…


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  1. Fred says:

    Sorry to hear you got ripped off, Candice. That totally sucks.
    Hopefully, karma will catch up with them one of these days…

    I don’t really have any suggestions except one, that really isn’t a “solution” to locking things up: how about getting a really slim-fitting, COMFORTABLE backpack that you could stash your clothes, keys, handbag, etc in and then actually strap on and wear as you run your training runs?

    It would be a bit uncomfortable, but it may give you an advantage when you’re actually running your races, since you won’t be carting the extra weight around. Kind of like when someone wears a weighted vest when they’re training to increase their conditioning…?

    And you wouldn’t have to worry if someone was back at your car trying to steal from you…just my 2 cents.

    Be safe. Stay strong…

    Your “amigo” in the States,


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