Running , Canons and 76 year old men…

On Sunday I did the Gun Run and decided to see how fast I could actually run 10km if I just pushed a little. I guess this is why normal people run time trials but in order to NOT have running take over my life and in trying to achieve some balance with my career and social life, not forgetting to leave some quality time for myself – I guess time trials didn’t even make my list of “To Do’s”…

A unique feature of this race is that the start is signified by the firing of a canon – at this point I’d like to say this race should NOT be run by people prone to fright or heart attacks since I almost jumped out of my skin, being unprepared for how a canon sounds from roughly 10 metres away.

Pushing hard from about the 5km mark I managed to come in at 51 minutes although I could feel I had pushed it and felt mildly nauseas when I was done, something which hasn’t happened to me since school Physed classes.

After the race I was chatting to an older gentleman who had also done the 10km run and who had come in at 46 minutes, he was 76 years old!! This reminded me of WHY I run and one of my motivations for having started on this journey which has resulted in me loving the sport and trying to persuade other people to start running too.

My next race is the Grape Run which is the first half marathon I ever did. I anticipate it being rather emotional but I’m excited to see how much I have improved in a year, on the same course.

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