Running and Wine Tasting

The second run of the winter trail series I am busy cutting my teeth on, was at the Paul Cluver wine estate on Sunday.  The weather was just perfect as we set off into the mountains for one of the most beautiful runs I have done to date.  We had a rather nasty uphill to conquor, but the thing with trail running is that it is ok to walk!!  Nobody reminds you that it is a running race (common on road runs) and you don’t even feel the urge to get going – you just plod on with everyone else to the top of the hill.

I was lucky I didn’t faceplant on the path as I was gazing around once we got to the top, you could see right to the ocean on the one side and just green rolling hills on the other. After some pretty hair raising descents we were even treated to some rope sections – which means we had to hang onto ropes to get us down one of the ravines… Nothing too hectic but if the ropes weren’t there I think I would have been A LOT dirtier than what I was at the end.

My time was not amazing but at the end of the day I didn’t care and neither did anyone else, especially since there was wine tasting going on AND a special discount on any purchases made by the trail runners!!  I’m really starting to feel at home in this new world of trail running 🙂

Paul Cluver

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  1. spyder says:

    This is a very cold place to see…I love the picture…great place to run with 😀

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