Running and Fund Raising

Tomorrow I run the 2 Oceans!!

I don’t feel ready but as usual, it is too late to worry about that now…  This will only be the second 56km I have run in my very short running career and with it being only 6 weeks from the Comrades Marathon; I thought it would be a great kick-off spot for all my fund raising activities.

As you will see I’ve added the page with all the details on, if there are any problems or if you want to ask me anything just pop me an email.

Last year we raised over R6 000 (that works out to school fees for almost 10 little people), if we can equal that this year fabulous, if we could make over that – well I’d be ecstatic.

If you donate money please let me know so that I know who to think about when I’m into my 80th km feeling like my legs want to drop off.

Help pay for tuition...

Help pay for tuition...


  1. Candice says:

    Looking back I did, thanks Gemini!

  2. gemini says:

    Hope you enjoyed your run despite the aches & pains!

  3. Michael says:

    Yikes Candice! 56km? I did my first 10k yesterday (Sat 11th) and that was quite enough for me. Hope it went well for you. Looking forward to seeing your next post.

  4. Michael says:

    WELL done!! You go, girl! Candice, that’s a VERY good time for a first Two OCeans. I’m impressed.

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