Reluctant Runner turns Reluctant Swimmer – and Cyclist…

I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys and I can’t keep it in anymore!! You all know my tendency for saying yes to things I shouldn’t say yes to right??  Well I’ve done it again…

A few weekends ago Nicola (she is not new here) asked if I’d like to do the Half Ironman (or Ironman 70.3) in January with her and Jess. At the time I was rather bored with my life so it sounded like a great idea, but when I actually looked at what we have to do – I started thinking that I should perhaps book myself in for some shock therapy:

A 1.9km swim (in under an hour)
A 90km cycle
A 21.1km run

Individually they don’t seem too hectic (especially when compared to the Comrades Marathon) but I need to point out that the last time I got into a pool to swim lengths was for swimming lessons – I was 10.  And the cycling – well we all know my run-in with the bicycle which I wrote about here.  So why, why did I say yes???

I probably have some deep psychological issue about proving myself or something along those lines or perhaps I’m just brain damaged – I’m not sure, if you guys have any diagnoses then please, share…

So, I will still be writing about running but you will also be regaled with some of my antics in learning how to swim and getting my backside saddle-ready for the Ironman/woman 70.3.

half ironman

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