Future of Reluctant Runner…

Since the Comrades Marathon, almost 2 weeks ago now, I have had people asking me “What now?” with reference to my blog.  The birth of Reluctant Runner came about to motivate me into training for this race in particular, and yes I managed to raise some money in the process along with motivating other people to take up running – so mission accomplished on all fronts.


But, I’m not quite ready to let go of Reluctant Runner.  Over the last few months I’ve found solace in writing, whether it has been to vent frustrations or search for someone going through the same as me and I’ve found it all, right here.


I am very proud of what I have managed to do with the blog, setting it up on my own with very limited technological knowledge and really very little help.  I like what this has become (I wonder if this is how you feel about your kids when they start achieving things??) and that people read what I have to say and are actually asking me to keep the blog going.


So, I’ve decided not to shelve this – my first “child” of blogging!  I’m going to keep running and for the most part I do still feel like the “Reluctant Runner” so my blog still has a place in the blogosphere.

I will keep writing about what it takes in my life to keep running, and I hope that everyone will keep reading and finding motivation in my posts – which in turn motivates me to keep going…


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  1. RussellM says:

    Sounds positive. The “Doubles or Quits” challenge for next years Comrades is still on the table.

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