Pre-Race Training

I’m running the Milkwood half-marathon on Sunday, which means my last training run was on Wednesday morning – I like resting myself good and proper before a race, I’d hate to over train…


Unfortunately I seem to have developed a little OCD with exercise (having been doing something physical just about every day for the past few months) and was chomping at the bit by yesterday afternoon, which is when I decided to go to a yoga class.

Now I used to go to yoga at least 2 or 3 times a week, so as you can imagine I was quite flexible.

I’d like to say that my dedication to yoga started slipping because of all the running, but realistically it was because it seemed at least an inch had been cut out of my hamstrings while I wasn’t looking, which made the sporadic class I did manage to squeeze in, quite horrid.


Today, I feel like a rag which has been wrung out and  hasn’t quite resumed it’s pre-wringing shape, and to be fair my hamstrings are fine, its my core and arms that are the worst…

I also realized that I miss yoga and the benefits it can bring to my running, not just physically but mentally too.


As for putting something off just because I can’t touch my toes like I used to, or put my leg around my neck like the tie-died matching outfit girl in the front of the class – you still have to have a balance, even when your focus is on one thing, everything else still counts…


PS Instead of receiving a medal for the race on Sunday, they give you a tree and since I live in an apartment I’m looking for ideas on what I should do with said tree, assuming that it would be very unhappy on my balcony…




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  1. John says:

    Best wishes from Germany…
    Keep the focus – you’ll make it!

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