Pledges to date…

Charles: R6 per kilometer – ONLY if I finish

Brendan:  R1 per training kilometer and R50 for standing on the Start line

Russell:  R200 for the race and R100 if I beat him

Werner:  R10 per minute that I beat the cut-off time by


Thanks again to everyone who has donated money straight into the Reach For Recovery bank account, and to those who donated through – I have a running list on the Reach For Recovery page so that I can keep track of who to think about on Sunday…


  1. […] a new page with all the details and information on how you can donate, so keep an eye out for that. Here and here are some of the creative pledges and donations people made last […]

  2. btefan says:

    Good luck. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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