Peninsula Marathon

On Sunday I’ll be running the marathon which kicked off my marathon running career – the Peninsula Marathon.  When I first ran it in 2008 the route was from Green Point in Cape Town, to Simonstown along Main Road.  Said to be one of the fastest marathons in Africa it was quite surprising when the following year they changed the route to start and end in Simonstown which was also very challenging taking you up major hills with the ever-present South Easter keeping us at bay.

This year however, they have decided to change the route back to the old one.    The wind still plays a major role on this route, coming head-on if the South Easter is blowing, as it has been over the past few days – although thrashing would be a more descriptive way of trying to explain just how hectic the wind has been…

I’ll fill you all in on how it goes next week, I’m interested to see how things have changed since 2008 in terms of my running although, as always, I don’t think I’ve put enough effort into training but I guess this is just my default setting when it comes to long runs.

Peninsula 2011

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