Old Charity Partners

For those of you who have been here from the start, you will remember igiveada.mn and its founder Andy.  They were the guys I used for my first Comrades Marathon fund raising activities,  to help consolidate international donations for Reach For Recovery.   Basically igiveada.mn was a networking site where you could recommend a cause and the people in the network would support you and send the word around.  This sounds like any social networking site but the reason it worked for me was because as South Africans, PayPal won’t allow us to receive money into a PayPal account – why I have no idea, but igiveada.mn bridged this gap which meant I was able to recieve international donations from all my friends overseas via PayPal through igiveada.mn

After chatting to Andy about using the igiveada.mn service again this year, I was sad to hear that he had put the project on the backburner because of a lack of support – BUT igiveada.mn is back and this time all the focus is on one project!!

Andy and a bunch of mates are coming out from the UK for a building project on the Wild Coast – an exquisite piece of coastline in South Africa.  The details are not finalised yet but the project is to build a house near to a small local hospital which will house the much needed doctors and nurses which serve this community.

I think it is a wonderful project but at the moment it is entirely self-funded.  If you would like to get involved please read more about it here and if you are keen to help in any way then get hold of Andy and let him know.


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