New Running Shoes

The mention of new running shoes has sent me into intense procrastination mode over the past few weeks. I knew I was due for a new pair after the Comrades Marathon but I just couldn’t bring myself to even think about replacing my ol’faithful New Balance Pronation shoes.

Common sense would say just go with the same make and brand, but back in April when I went to the Orthopedic surgeon for a knee injury (not acquired through running – unfortunately) he had said I should get neutral shoes.

So, having slight pangs of anxiety about paying for new shoes and having them not work for me – developing some injury in the process of wearing them in, I decided to head to the New Balance store in Access Park where they test your running and recommend shoes, this is also the place I’d bought my first pair of shoes (in November last year – hard to think I’ve done 1 000km since then), which I also brought in for them to have a look at.

After explaining the whole story to the guy helping me, he made me put on neutral shoes and have a quick run (in the shop, pretty random considering I wasn’t really dressed for the occasion).  Apparently my right foot goes off on its own mission before it strikes the ground, which I’ve seen on various race pictures (please take note of good vs bad photography) , but just conveniently ignored.

About an hour later (and a few more km clocked on the treadmill in the shop), I walked out – huge grin on my face, clutching my new pair of shoes – the same make and brand as my old ones, just a newer model and a different colour.

I know my mom has had some pretty horrid stories regarding shoes and 8/10 toenails falling off – I’m sure there are more out there – let me know I’d love to hear them…

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