New Runners!!

Last night one of my friends Erin (who also happens to be a trusty second) announced that she would like to do a half marathon (and she was sober).  The one she has decided to call her debut will be the Two Oceans Half of which I’m doing the 56km Ultra.  Erin’s dad is breaking out his running shoes and wants his daughter to accompany him, which sounds extremely familiar

This is said to be one of the most beautiful races on the South African racing calendar and next year is the 40th year that the Two Oceans Marathon  will be held – so a great starting point for Erin.

I am thrilled that she has decided to do this and I have decided to take on the job of main motivator – which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to how Erin is doing, we have 5 months to whip her into half marathon running shape and the prospect of wielding the whip is mildly exciting for me…

Anyone else interested in joining Erin on her little adventure into the running world let me know – I promise to be kind 😉


  1. reluctantrunner says:

    Is it your lower back or upper back? If it is your lower back I’d say try a few sessions of Pilates to strengthen your core muscles.
    If it is your upper back it is just tension which all new runners suffer from.
    A lot of the time there are various aches and pains when you start out but once your body is used to running, they dissapear.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Milebug says:

    i need to get running but the problem is my back kills when i run on cement i have to run on grass

  3. Really reluctant runner! says:

    So as I gleefully read through your multitudes of musings regarding the running world I am shocked and horrifed to discover that I have been mentioned by name and the world is now well aware of my existence and my apparent need to run a half marathon! Guess I can’t get out of it now?! I look forward to many months of whip-wielding wailing and screaming! I will need your help if I’m gonna do this!! PS: I love the blog!

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