My Idea…

I want to raise money.  It can be per km or just a donation, however you want to break it down is up to you.


The beneficiary would be Reach for Recovery (043-723-NPO) which is a non-profit organization whose program aims to supply practical and emotional support to breast cancer patients and their families, to enable them to make relevant personal decisions and to find the motivation for recovery with an optimal quality of life.  They are also relatively small and so will benefit from every cent donated.


Why Reach For Recovery??


I have been blessed not having anyone close to me suffer from anything more serious than old age, until recently…

An amazing woman, who I had the great privilege of meeting and spending time with as part of her family, had been fighting breast cancer for the past 5 years and tragically lost her battle in January.

This is my tribute to Gemma (a comrades runner), whose love and dedication to her family motivated her to fight bravely, keeping her here for longer than most people anticipated, and who will be missed but never forgotten.




I have posted Reach For Recovery’s banking details on a seperate page.  I will also post them at regular intervals as part of my musings to remind everyone.

I know it’s a bit of a schlep without an automatic donation form but I’m not THAT clever yet!!

Reach for Recovery wants to be able to track where the money is coming from so please make the reference “reluctantrunner”, I would also like you to pop a quick comment on my blog if you donate (unless you’d like to stay anonymous), so that I can see who is helping to push me the 89km’s from Durban to Pietermaritzburg…




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  1. Joe says:

    Hey Cands, did I read your blog correctly – you were once a ‘long’ jumper? That alone will give me material for 9 jokes next time we chat. The closest I ever was to running a marathon was in Brooklyn, NY. My brother was running in the NY Marathon (’06), and I was cheering him on as he ran by during mile 7. The energy was high, the music from surrounding apartments was blasting, and screams of encouragement from spectators motivated me …. so, I did what so many people were probably thinking but too nervous to act on – I flew onto the street in my jeans and and sweatshirt, caught up to him, and started running by his side. I made it two (maybe 3) blocks before being asked to pull off (according to some policeman, you need to ‘register.’ … Details, details). On a more serious note, I think it’s great you’re doing this. Are you still checking your routine e-mail when you have time?

  2. Leandie Cilliers says:

    What a geat idea! This is going to sound so corny, but this is really inspirational. Most of us only ever talk about doing something like this, props for putting words to action. You can coun’t on my support… GOOD LUCK GIRL!

  3. Liz Tobias says:

    Super reading of your running adventures. I am so impressed with your progress and I admire your tenacity – I know exactly where it comes from! Being somewhat limited, especially in the technology sphere, this is my first time “blogging” – pretty cool huh? Keep it up, the boys, Mark and Gareth will be on the side of the road with me to cheer you on June 15

  4. Trish says:

    I think that this is a brilliant idea and certainly worth running for! Also something to remind yourself why you are running and to be privileged to be happy and healthy and fit enough to go the distance. Well done and enjoy!

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