My First Marathon

To say I was pretty nervous would have been an understatement, having never run more than 21.1km before this, my tummy was in knots – mentally kicking myself for only training 4 days in the 2 weeks leading up to this (I have a busy social life). 

But, the lucky knickers were washed and ready, the number pinned on my shirt days before and the snacks all pre-packed for my trusty second – to go out there and see how much training I still needed to do just to qualify for the Comrades. 

Turns out none!! 

It was really only the last 10km that I hated the world and blamed it for making me run.  Walking a lot I was consumed by my own wretchedness until I was passed by a man running with a “70” on his shirt, yes, a 70 year old man was running past me, what the…!!!!! 

Needless to say this got me back on track, I put my head down, turned my music volume up to “possible damage” and just stomped the last few km’s. 

I came in just before 4 hours 30 minutes with a huge smile on my face, a little sandblasted from the hectic wind, a few philosophical questions answered, and very jelly legs. (To qualify for the Comrades you have to finish a full marathon in 5 hours) 

So to those out there full of excuses as to why you can’t run a marathon, I only have one thing to say:

Man Up!!    

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