My 2 Year Running Anniversary

Last week I wrote about really wanting to do the Constantia VOB Grape Run and the fact that I didn’t have a race entry…  Well if you aren’t friends of mine on Facebook then you wouldn’t know that I got an entry from Russell (not just one but 2) – so I confirm my theory, if you don’t ask you don’t get!!

With entry in hand both Nicola (who also missed the cut-off for registration) and I lined up on Constantia Main road along with the 1,500 other entrants on Sunday morning, neither of us having run a half marathon in over 3 months.  I’d also like to remind people who may not have read my race report from last year, that this race isn’t exactly easy, firstly it is off road for most of the way and secondly the first 7km of the race are basically straight up the side of a mountain – BUT the views as you go up are more than enough to make up for the screaming quads and the lungs which come dangerously close to popping out your mouth – and of course the wine tasting table right at the top of one of the hills does wonders for the energy levels 🙂

Winding through a couple of wine farms and then through Tokai forest and back into Constantia I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the course and at how lucky I was to wangle an entry.   I also had vivid memories of being dragged through said course by my mother just 2 years ago, NOT in the same frame of mind!

Now, I didn’t race because I was unable to substitute the entry into my name (and besides Russ, there is no way I would have managed a sub-2 hr race) so I was using it as a benchmark to see how unfit I was – turns out not very unfit because I came in at 2:12 feeling surprisingly fresh!  Let’s hope this spells great things for the months to come…

Grape Run


  1. Cands says:

    Thanks so much Fred!!

  2. Fred says:

    “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!”, Candice!

    Beautiful countryside to run…terrific time, by the way!
    (Still jealous of your running prowess)

    Take good care,

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